We’ve all seen it before. You are having a great conversation with someone and then the “v” word slips out. Suddenly, the eyes of the person you’re speaking with start to glaze over and everything you say can literally be seen slipping right in one ear and out the other. For some reason, when many people hear the word vegan, they lose all interest in what you’re saying, and maybe even lose your respect a little too.

That, or they get angry, and the simple mention of the word “vegan” in their presence is “forcing your views down their throat”, which is quite ironic because their beliefs and choices to eat animals are literally being shoved down people’s¬†throats every time they eat.

Let’s clear this up and end the stigma! After all, why are so many people angry that some of us don’t want to harm animals? Is that crazy or what?


“Vegan” is so easy and simple. It just means no animal products. That’s it.

It doesn’t mean:
Oil free
Gluten free
Non-GMO only
Raw food only
Locally grown food only
Living in a commune
Growing your own food
Living off the land and off the grid
Sacrificing your happiness
Gym rat
Health freak
Protesting in the streets
Making out with trees
Joining a cult
Dancing around fires naked
Praying to the all mighty broccoli gods!

If you want to do these things too, all the power to you! That’s completely your choice. I myself consume very little to no oil, I try eating as much organic and non-GMO foods as I can, and I like supporting my local farmers. I would actually love to live in a little off the grid commune where everyone helps grow food for everyone to eat. But that’s just me. Do I let any of this stress me out? No, of course not. Do I still pound back an entire bag of chips when the mood strikes? Damn right I do! Oh, yes, many brands and flavours of chips are vegan. See? They don’t have to be labeled vegan or specially made to be vegan, they just don’t contain any animal products. It only takes a few seconds to scan the ingredients list, which I do with any food I buy anyway!

The point I’m trying to make here is that being “vegan” has so much negative stigma attached to it, and I don’t know why. All it means, at it’s core, is that you do not consume animals. The rest of the benefits (being healthy, curing and preventing disease, saving the planet, etc) they all happen naturally when you stop contributing to the meat, dairy and egg industry that’s responsible for ruining all those other things.

So next time you hear someone mention “vegan”, don’t cringe! It just means they don’t want to harm animals to enjoy their life. They want to share love and compassion. They want to do better for the environment. They want to be healthy.

Is that so weird and crazy?


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