Veganism is a journey of discovering the truth, and then adjusting your lifestyle to make positive change to ensure the safety and evolution of life on earth. This journey is walked by everyone, but some people just walk a little faster. Most people don’t think too far ahead, and think very little about what took place before their dinner arrived.

People really need to stop thinking short term. Yes, I realize that you may be dead long before anything serious happens, but that is no excuse to not care, or not act. Besides, 2040-2050 isn’t that far off for most of us, and that’s the current scientific estimate of the climate change tipping point, which we’re fast approaching. If we don’t make drastic changes by then, it will be too late to prevent, and life on Earth as we know it will be forever changed, if not wiped out.

We have a responsibility to keep life on earth evolving, and alive! Why else have we been studying the planet for as long as we’ve been here?  Survival.  And now, we have the advantage of being born into a world and already knowing everything humans have discovered and studied about the earth before us, and we have science, and space travel, and all of this is available on a device we keep on our pockets, practically for free.

If we let ourselves die from global warming, a reoccurring natural event we’ve KNOWN about for nearly a century, and something we are unnaturally bringing on ourselves, what does that say about our so called “intelligence”?

Climate change is real, and it is simple… a little Carbon Dioxide (C02) in the atmosphere is good and natural, it’s needed to regulate the global climate. Too much is not good, as that prevents a lot of the sun’s energy from leaving the atmosphere, making the whole planet a little warmer.

So what’s the big deal? Even just a few degrees of global warming causes the Arctic ice and permafrost to melt, and the oceans to expand (because that’s what happens as things warm up, they expand), and then the planet floods, and freezes. We’ll be a giant frozen planet orbiting the sun.

The problem is, we are speeding up this process insanely fast with our current way of eating, and consuming energy. Is bringing on the extinction of life on earth really worth your bacon double cheeseburger?  I don’t think so.  And besides, changing to a plant-based diet is also very healthy and can help you live without many preventable diseases.

People generally only think of themselves, and their own short lives, and what they would have to “sacrifice”. I can’t speak for all vegans, but I think about all life on earth, and my place in that evolution, and the universe, and can see that my actions, though small they may be, have great reaching effects. I don’t view this as a sacrifice of anything. I view this as a natural progression of my own evolution and understanding of the universe, and how my small little self can have very serious negative effects on the planet, and so it only seems natural that, now, in this stage of human evolution, and the evolution of life on earth, and the planet itself, I need to reduce my carbon footprint as much as possible, because the planet needs us to. We are all part of a singular driving life force, and we all need to help keep it going.

Hate vegans?  Fine.  But don’t claim to care about the environment or the planet while simultaneously paying to have it destroyed. At least when someone decides to stop consuming animal products they’re doing something positive to help, once learning the truth about the causes of climate change.  Do you think I don’t want to be eating burgers and chicken wings every week?  Cheese???  Of course I do… it’s delicious… but I’m not going to gorge on something knowing all the years worth of energy consumption and resources that were required for this one single meal to exist, when I could literally eat anything else. That’s just stupid, and there are so many great alternatives these days. People talk about bacon, and I think of the families dying of asthma and cancer who live in the towns next to pig farms, which are polluting their water and air (from the spraying of contaminated water on the crops to feed the pigs), and making everyone sick. Do you? Did you even know that was a side-effect of the bacon industry?


Going vegan doesn’t help, you think?

– 1 person goes vegan for 1 year, that’s equivalent of about 200 animals that didn’t need to be bred and fed for 1-5 years, consuming the majority of our energy, land, water, food, antibiotics, etc…

– Now imagine, 100 people. That’s 20,000 animals a year, not sucking up our resources, increasing our demand for more.

– 1 Million? Now we’ve avoided 200,000,000 animals a year killing our planet with their energy consumption and the horrendous amounts of greenhouse gasses that produces.

– 1 Billion? That might be enough to drastically cut back on our emissions, and save the world…


So go on, what could you possibly have to say against someone who is looking at the bigger picture here, and seeing how making a few small changes to their life can have a far-reaching effect on reducing the size of their carbon footprint?

Please, have a long look at just what exactly had to occur before something you are eating came to be, and think about how much that thing had to eat first, and how much land that would have taken to grow. Animals, especially cows, eat a LOT of food. Now think of that 200 times, and that’s just about what you alone contribute to your carbon footprint every year.

Maybe it’s time you cut that back a little. Don’t be this guy when the world starts flooding….

Me? I don’t have a car, I use public transit, I ride a bike, I walk, I follow my version of what a “vegan” lifestyle and diet means to me for my own health, and I don’t use much electricity in the grand scheme of things. I’m a single guy with no kids, I don’t produce much waste, I recycle, and I reuse things all the time.  I have no shame in my choices, and I know that when I die, even if it is by forces of nature, I know that I did everything I could in my daily life (which was really very minor changes) to do my part to stop the warming of our planet. If I did nothing, and everyone else saved us, I would feel pretty shitty that I did nothing.

I cannot know everything we know about this problem and willfully pay an industry to continue this massacre on the Earth, our home. The only home we have right now.

This is our problem to deal with: now.  There is no avoiding it.

In a world where money seems to be the only thing that matters, use that as your voice. Where we spend our money is what dictates where “their” profit comes from. If we just put our money where our mouths are, we could make history, and in centuries to come, us, the people of the world now, will be known as the ones who put a stop to climate change, virtually saving life on Earth.

We’re facing potential extinction here… how could you NOT want to be on that side of the fight for survival?

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