You might actually be vegan already, and not even realize.

I know… you’re probably wondering, “But I eat the flesh of dead animals. There’s no way I’m vegan! I’m not into that shit. Bacon! Fuck yeah!” While you might be half right, you may be surprised at just how “vegan” you really are.

Take this simple test to see how you score! All you need to do is click the “Next” button below, answer 10 questions, and hit “Submit”. Your results will be displayed immediately!

Lets begin!

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How Vegan Are You?

1) How do you feel about animal abuse?
2) How do you feel about saving the planet?
3) How do you feel about drinking cow’s milk?
4) Do you know where protein comes from?
5) How do you feel about heart bypass surgery? (Surgery for heart disease, caused by clogged and damaged arteries. Leading cause of death in America.)
6) How do you feel about world hunger?
7) Do you love animals?
8) How do you feel about “humane killing”?
9) How do you feel about raping animals?
10) If you could stop killing innocent victims, help put an end to animal abuse, be much healthier and live longer with little to no risk of dying from the top 10 leading causes of death in America, and save the planet by reducing your carbon footprint by 50%, all by changing some of the food you eat, would you?

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