If you (or someone you know) are thinking about going vegan but aren’t really sure if it’s for you, these three documentaries are a great place to start.

This post is inspired by recent conversations I’ve had with a few people I know who were asking about going vegan, but weren’t sure if they could actually do it. Well, it all starts with information and education. What exactly are you supporting by your choice to consume animals and animal products? I find the core values and beliefs of veganism rings true with almost everyone’s own personal values and morals and beliefs, they just don’t realize it, nor do they realize that so often their food choice violates their very own beliefs more than they know. I hope you’ll take some time to soak in the information below.

I remember before I went vegan, the idea of cutting out all animal products seemed near impossible. I ate meat in every meal, two eggs a day, and cheese! How I loved cheese. I stopped drinking milk long before going vegan, but I still ate cheese, and I’d occasionally have yogurt or ice cream, and other dairy. I do love these foods, I just don’t eat them, or any other animal products now, and no, I don’t miss it. Sure, I know how good processed baby cow’s food, and cooked animal flesh covered in seasonings and sauces can taste, don’t think that’s lost on me, I just view the whole concept of eating it differently now, and that’s more than enough to keep me from wanting, or even craving it. Not to mention, there are so many great alternatives. You too can get there you just need to take a step back, stop thinking about yourself and what you know and desire, and open your mind to seeing the truth. Only then can you digest this information and come to your own conclusions about what you want to contribute to in this world. No one can force you to go vegan, but you can learn about it and make the choice all on your own. I would think that any rational, moral, and sane human being would easily make the decision to go vegan once they’ve looked beyond their dinner plate, but habits can be very hard to break.


Going vegan is like waking up from the matrix. Almost everything you believe about food and where it comes from and what it does to/for us is wrong. You’ve been lied to. Say what you will, but it’s true. Ever since you were born you have been fed a slew of lies to condition you to believe exactly what the big corporations want you to believe so you will spend your whole life paying them for products you don’t need. Marketing 101, the “company” cares about nothing but making a profit. And, surprise, surprise, the pharmaceutical industry doesn’t profit from healthy people so they create drugs to “treat” the food born diseases (and everything else), making customers out of you too. They make sure you spend the rest of your life hooked on medication when a simple change in diet could cure you, and prevent most common life threatening diseases. When you first start to get a glimpse of the real world, behind the lies, is like that moment Neo wakes to find a message on his computer, his first real connection to the truth that lurks behind the system.

You too should follow. Your gut is telling you there’s more to the story. It’s telling you that something about the life you are living is wrong. And you’re right to feel that way. No human being is born with the natural instincts of a killer. We are taught to kill some animals for food and love others, that animals are only here for us to exploit, that we own animals.

There are three primary reasons people go vegan:

  1. They’re against animal abuse
  2. They want to be healthy
  3. They want to save the environment 

What most people don’t realize is that what you choose to put on your place has a massive ripple effect on the rest of the planet and our future on it. You see that meal as nothing more than a plate of food you’ve picked up at the grocery store and think nothing more of it, but an unbelievable amount of time, water, pollution, food, torture, abuse, death, and processing goes into, and comes out of, that food. Every time you go to the grocery store and buy food you’re voting for the kind of future you want to leave behind for your kids and grandchildren. The big corporations who produce this food spend billions of dollars to hide the truth from you. It’s called advertising and marketing. You too have believed the same things your whole life, as did your parents. Consider this, the way we produce, grow, and eat our food has changed more in the past 60 years than it has in the 10,000 years prior. And we certainly can see how this, with the massive increase of the human population over the past 100 years, has caused some devastating results to our health, the environment, and the treatment of animals.

So you’re probably thinking now, “Woah, man, you’re taking this way too seriously! It’s just food. It’s normal, and natural, to eat animals.” Sure, if you’re a wild animal living in the bush, and you’re a natural born carnivore, then yes, it’s perfectly natural to consume other animals. Here is where some education can help you view the subject from a place of understanding, not social conditioning. Here are the trailers to three must watch documentaries to get you started on your decision making. You can watch in any order, but this is the order in which I would recommend watching.

COWSPIRACY (available on Netflix)

Cowspiracy is about the severe environmental impacts the meat and dairy industry have, and to what lengths well known, established environmental organizations will go to suppress this information, when instead, they should be the ones bringing it to light to put an end to it, to save our planet.

Visit the website for clips from the film, infographics, facts and sources, and the full movie.

FORKS OVER KNIVES (available on Netflix)

Forks Over Knives is about the devastating health crisis, and the foods that are responsible for the leading causes of death in American society. It opens your eyes to see meat and dairy for what they are, and how they do not belong in the human body. This film follows the lives of some people who cured their many diseases with their diet, and it also discusses some major health studies that have proven a plant based diet can cure the most fatal diseases caused by the Standard American Diet.

Visit the website for a load of amazing whole food, plant based recipes. I’ve been cooking from this site for about eight months, and I’m still no bored.


Earthlings covers the unethical treatment of animals for food, entertainment, clothing, and product testing. It exposes what really goes on behind the walls of factory farms and laboratories, and what you are paying others to do in order for us to eat animals and use animal products. I will admit, I have never been able to watch this movie in its entirety. I can’t. It’s too horrible and I just cry at the thought of those innocent beings being put through such horrific things for our pleasure, but I urge you to witness this too, because this is what is being hidden from you. This is what you are supporting by paying for animal products. This is the cold, hard reality of where your food and other animal products come from. I was unable to embed the trailer but you can watch the trailer here.

You can also watch the full movie here on YouTube:

You can also check out their website here.

After watching these movies I would expect that the very foundation of what you believe has been cracked, if not, completely shattered to the ground. That’s a good thing. Keep researching things. Keep learning the truth. There’s so much more of it out there than what’s covered in these three documentaries. I just think that these three films are an excellent starting point for anyone who wants to go vegan, but isn’t quite sure if it’s something they could do.

Remember, eating animals and consuming animal products is not a “personal choice”. It stops being a personal choice when it comes at the suffering and death of another innocent being. A personal choice would be to stop paying these industries and supporting the enslaving, torturing, abuse, and slaughter of animals for our own pleasure and enjoyment. We do not need to consume animals, or use any animal products, to survive. So why do we keep doing it?

It’s time for you to choose what you’re willing to support.

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